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Hot Krust Review {Gluten-Free Menu} Orlando

Prep Time

Minimal Wait for Lunch {7-10 minutes you can call ahead to order!}

Prep Notes

Make Sure You Tell Them You Are Gluten-Free!  {Let them know about any allergens}

Hot Krust Menu 


Their Hours are Monday-Friday 9:30 am - 8 pm

                            Saturday 10:30 am - 8 pm

                            Sunday they are closed!

They are in the Doctor Philips Area of Orlando. 

They are in the The Phillips Crossing Plaza next to Dunkin Donuts.

{Also Known as the Whole Foods Plaza}

8015 Turkey Lake Rd. Suite 200 Orlando

Cooking Time

Once you order, it is usually about a 7-10 minute wait!


If you get a Salad, Go-Large-Or Go Home! {really it is a Dollar More}


  • They have a pretty large selection of Gluten-Free Items!
  • We get the Salads because we are Grain-Free
  • Gluten-Free Items and Substitutions are marked well on menu
  • Staff is Gluten-Free Literate! 

We usually order the Large Senor Caesar Salad
With a Side of the Baked, Gluten-Free Waffle Fries
  • WE Substitute Feta and AVOID Blue Cheese {BLUE is NEVER GLUTEN-FREE}
  • WE also get the BALSAMIC VINAIGRETTE instead of the Caesar    
  • We USE the FAT Cat Hot Sauces, instead of the Ketchup

I am NOT exaggerating when I say that I have dreams about this salad.  It is the perfect blend of tasty, savory, sweet, sour, nutty, green & leafy and meaty.  It has Romaine Lettuce, Slow-Cooked Steak, Almonds, Tomatoes, {We get Feta, instead of Blue Cheese}, Bacon & Grapes {We get the Balsamic instead of the Caesar Dressing}.  We also love the Gluten-Free, Baked Waffle Fries with the Fat Cat Hot Sauce. 

Sure, we have tried the Gluten-Free Panini sandwiches and they are yummy.  Now that we are grain-free we have been all about the amazing salads.  


Enjoy and be sure to tell Evan that Tammy and Michael sent you!