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Our Guide to Fun! The 2017 Midwest GFAFExpo In Scahuamburg!


YAY! We are so excited we can hardly maintain our composure! It is time again! We are super honored and excited to have this fabulicious opportunity! We are going to be BLOGGING at the GFAFExpo again in Schaumburg, Il. {Gluten-Free Allergen Friendly Expo}.

We look forward to this event each year since we get to have Fun and Eat Too! Most other events seem more like a spectator type of thing. We get to watch people stuff their faces and have a good time, while we dodge crumbs and try to avoid crumby kisses.

Let The Good Times Begin! Details! Details!
  • Saturday, April 22nd at 10:00am! Saturday, the Expo goes until 4:00pm!
  • Sunday, the 23rd, the Expo starts at 10:00am and goes until 3:00pm.

The Expo is going to be at the

Schaumburg Convention Center
1551 Thoreau Drive North
Schaumburg, IL 60173

A Few Things To NOTE!

  • There is Free Parking!
  • {Note: If the Convention Center parking lot is full when you arrive, there is additional free parking in the lots of the adjacent office buildings.}
  • Concessions will be open for beverages and gluten-free salads.
  • Safety is the number one concern at the Expo; but,The show is not 100% free from any potential allergen!

  • There are notes by the items for sampling listing specific allergens. {If you have additional questions the vendors are all SUPER HELPFUL and AMAZING!}

  • Of course, there is a First Aid station at the Entrance, where you come in. {I can say, from personal experience, that paramedics are amazing and know anaphylaxis. I was not reacting to a specific food item; I had more of a mast cell issue last year. Even with that, I felt safe.}

  • I highly recommend going both days! {I will explain why below}

Last year it was mind blowing, all the vendors that were there! I am not sure if I got to see them all. I did go back to some of the vendors the second day, to purchase things from them. I had so many samples and things from the first day and had no way to carry everything. There are many fun photo opportunities and classes. I wanted to go to all of the classes, but I was not prepared.

We will be more prepared this year! Here is Our Guide to the EXPO!

  • Have a meeting place and time set by the concession stand, and or by one of the fun Photo Ops! We did not all get there at the same time, and We got separated and kept trying to find each other. This way we can all have fun and enjoy the Expo at our own pace, Then have meet-up spots! Enjoy a coffee and share our discoveries! Have a fun group photo, then get back to business.

  • Keep Hydrated & Bring Some Water! We got parched and had to stop a few times to go to the concession stand.

  • Wear comfortable shoes! No one is there will notice your shoes. We are too busy sampling everything. There is a lot of standing and walking. {there are places to rest} but you might be too busy, and your vanity is not going to save you from pain.

  • If you have something that rolls, bring it! It will save your shoulders. There is a lot to carry and buy! Exciting things that you might not have seen before!

  • You might want a small bag to get to things you need and a backpack to even out the load! You might want a bag for food stuff and one for pamphlets, cards, and coupons. {Paper-Stuff}

  • Plan ahead for the classes and vendors, or you might miss them and then get sad. No one wants you to be sad. It is easy to lose track of time, so maybe set timers and have notes!

  • Have a pen and small notebook handy! You will meet people or want to make notes, and you will be digging.. and searching. in your bag! {If you have business cards or calling cards, bring them! There is an amazing Support & Networking community there!}

  • Have a Saturday Night Tasting Party! We had the BEST Time going through our bags on Saturday night. We shared things and tasted them, talked about our favorite Yum, Yums. It was a BLAST!! and very helpful for planning our Sunday Adventure!

  • Plan to have more fun on Sunday! ENJOY!

You will have the best time ever! Last year We came home with granola, noodles, sauces, snack bars, brownies, chips, flat bread, and Nut-Butters! Things that we had been having a hard time finding in Orlando.
The Variety is incredible! I can say that there is something for everyone.
When we went last year, I had been down to four safe foods for the longest time, and just beginning to be able to add foods back in. It was like a FOOD Festival of FUN! There was food I could EAT! It was YUMMY Food! I cried! {Happy Tears!}

We hope to see you there!
Please come back to share your experiences @a-grateful-life.com
Thank you!
For More Information About The Expo {Click Here!}

To Get Your Tickets! {Click Here!}


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