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A Quick Review of our Adventures at the 2017 GFAFExpo in Schaumburg.


We had the best time ever at this year's Gluten-free & Allergen Friendly Expo in Schaumburg! We also came home with so many amazing things to taste and review! We learned about many amazing products and services as well! We have so much to talk about and share.  I do not even know where to begin. I will say this, I have never had so much fun and have eaten so much, in my whole life. I had to stop eating at one point. There was So Much YUMMY Gluten-Free & Allergen-Friendly FOOD EVERYWHERE!

It took a little longer to get back home this year; I guess the journey is part of the process when it comes to being a blogger. Our poor VW Beetle had some issues, and the AAA Car Care Plus in Vernon Hills did not know what was wrong. The car was overheating, and they wanted to replace our breaks. Long-Story-Short, they were not able to fix our car, after five days, so they towed it to someone else. We ended up pulling our poor car back on a Uhaul trailer, pulled by a 10 Foot Uhaul truck. The whole Uhaul Experience is yet whole other story.


YAY! We made it back home, with Lots of yummy Gluten-Free and Allergen-Friendly foods and Cool Swag!
There were so many vendors this year and a record number of visitors as well. It is exciting to see how much the Expo has grown. It was also good to see other vendors expand on what they started last year and how much they grew because of last year's event. We met some new entrepreneurs who created some amazing new products that we get to share with you as well! Some stories brought tears to my eyes. We made some new friends and got to catch up with some old friends. We also discovered more fantastic healthy products and some paleo goodies as well. I was happy to see how both of those areas have expanded! GFAFExpo Vendors

Our Favorite Sponsors were back again, and there were some new amazing sponsors to meet! Super Excited to see our local GoMacro as a sponsor! Glutino and Udi's were the Title Sponsors. Another Biggy was Enjoy Life! Enjoy Life had a fun and Interactive Gluten-Free and Allergen-Friendly Land that reminded me of a Real Life Candyland Adventure! Goya Fed us well again, with our favorite coconut water and a yummy bean salad. Sun Butter loaded us up with samples and Fun Swag! BFree fed us bloggers breakfast on the first day & sent us home with some Amazing new products to try! Namaste had some yummy cake to eat.

Oh, there are so many great sponsors and So many Vendors that we were busy all weekend. However, there were many amazing classes as well. You could easily go for the classes alone. I wish I could have gone to all of them. There are classes for everyone no matter how long you have been gluten-free. There were also great classes on gut health as well, not something that many doctors talk to you about; but is super important. GFAFExpo Classes

What Is New and Good?

* Amazing New Products From SO Many Vendors! We have so much to share in upcoming blogs & Reviews!

Wheat's End has some AMAZING NEW BREAD coming soon!
I am not sure what all I can say about it today!  If you are not in Chicago-land to check out the cafe, you can order here! Wheat's End Shop On-Line!

Major New Product!!!! EZ Gluten has a test to see if there is Gluten in your food. You can take them with you anywhere. Ideal for travel. I can not wait to share that with you. We got a sample test, and we will play with that soon! ezgluten.com

There were some good apps to chat about too. The EatUp! is an app/ game for kids of all ages to help them recognize foods that might contain the food they are allergic too. It is particularly useful for those who are newly diagnosed. Get EatUp!

One of the new products that we could not wait to open and try was our Buddy-Cake, from Buddy's Allergen Friendly Foods. It is an Allergen-Friendly Cake in A Cup that is ready in a minute. They come in a pack of two. You add Oil and a milk of choice, stir, put in the microwave for a minute, then squeeze the frosting onto the cake-in-a-cup and eat! They are amazing. The frosting is like my favorite bakery frosting. Somehow the Buddy cake and frosting combo are free of the TOP 8 Allergens. They are ideal for so many parents who have kids that are often left out at parties. We have two left so that we will be blogging about that soon! I do need to order more! It was 3 am, and all I could think about was a cupcake. I was grateful that we had that Buddy Cake! We took a 10-minute break from a Dr. Who marathon to make, eat and clean-up from our cupcake break. They are also idea for a quicky cake break. Get Me Some Buddy Cakes!

The GFAFExpo is a Great Time For The Whole Family! 
To Find Out More About the GFAFExpo, or to find one closer to you, Click Here!

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