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Health Forms, Programs, Classes, Payments and Scheduling!

Health Forms

If you have already scheduled a consultation or are an existing client, click the following links to fill out your Health History or Revisit Form.

If you are new, Welcome!
Please Fill Out A Health History Form & Then Scroll Down To Set Up An Appointment for You Free Consultation!  
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Programs, Classes and Payment Options!

Basic 6 month program

12 - one hour coaching sessions, customized for you! {with handouts, recipes, journal pages, special gifts..... }
Includes an informed shopper class and more! Please Schedule A Complimentary, Breakthrough Session with me to find out more!
{Pricing For Complete Six Month Program. Paying in Advance Bonus, Free Cooking Class!}
{Monthly payments for basic six month program}
{Add A Week To The Program!}
{Six Months of Extra Support!}

In Home Cooking Class {Cost of Food Not Included in Price!}
This is a 3 hour class where we cook together.  You can invite up to three of your friends, if you like.  I will share some healthy substitution tips and tricks!  Pre-Menu Planning (for the session) is included as well as an Informed Shopper Class!

Informed Shopper Class!
This is always everyone's favorite class. Sometimes there is a group and sometimes it is a private class! It is often a two to three hour tour of the grocery store, learning how to incorporate healthier choices, make dietary substitutions, learn how to read Labels and more.  You get handouts, Food Journal Sheets, Recipes and the Latest Ezine!
*{This class is included in the price of the basic coaching program and other workshops and programs! DO NOT ADD to your CART, if you are in one of my other classes, coaching or wellness programs!}

Thank You!  Now that you are all set up, Please Scroll Down To Schedule Some Time!

     *Or Call 774.277.9771 {Please Leave A Message, If I Do Not Answer!}

Coming Soon!

  • Wellness Classes
  • Gluten-Free Support Group
  • And Ezine
Check Event page for more information!

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Let's Schedule Some Time Together!
Let's Schedule Some Time Together!
  • You can find my availability to the left!
  • Find a time that works for you
  • click on it
  • fill in your name, phone number, and email information.
  • You can call me to confirm 774.277.9771 or I will call you back!
  • I am available via phone, skype or facebook messenger. {If you are local, we can meet locally.}
  • If you have not done a health history, we will start there! {you can find a form by scrolling up!}
  • I use the email for sending handouts, journal pages, newsletters, Ezines and for keeping in contact! I will NOT SELL YOUR INFORMATION.  {Everything between us is CONFIDENTIAL and SAFE!}
I am available Monday - Friday
Saturdays we usually have Events
If you do not find a time that works for you, Please Contact Me!
We will see what we can work out!

Thank you!
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